Served with Steamed Rice (Fried Rice or Brown Rice Add. $0.50)  
    27 $10.55
      Tender Sliced Beef w/ Broccoli, Carrots, and Onion Stir fried in Brown Sauce  
    28 $10.55
      Beef w/Zucchini, Potato and Water Chestnuts Stir Fried in a Spicy Kung Pao Sauce Topping w/ Peanuts  
    29 $10.55
      Tender Sliced Beef w/ Diced Onion and Bell Pepper, Stir Fried in Brown Sauce  
    30 $10.55
      Tender Sliced  Beef w/Cabbage, Broccoli, Zucchini, Carrots, mushroom, Water chestnuts,
    Baby Corn, and Bean Sprouts Stir Fried in Brown Sauce
    31 $10.55
      Tender Slice Beef w/ Onion, carrots, Japapeno in Spicy Mongolian Sauce  
    32 $10.55
      Tender Slice Beef w/ Water Chestnut, Bell Pepper,Bamboo Shoot, Mushroom in Brown Garlic Sauce  
    33 $10.55
      Snow Peas, Carrots and Water Chestnut Stir Fried in a Brown Garlic Sauce  
    34 $10.55
      Tender Sliced Beef w/ Jalapeno Onion in Sacha Sauce  
    35 $10.95
      Fried Crisy Beef w/ Celery , Onion, Carrots w/Sweet & Spicy Sauce  
    36 $10.95
      Strips of Crispy Beef Wok fried in Sweet Orange Sauce  
      * Hot & Spicy