Served with Steamed Rice (Fried Rice or Brown Rice Add. $0.50)  
    C1 $13.55
    (Shrimp fried in a light batter w/marinated in chef's special sauce w/bed of broccoli)
    C2 $11.75
    (Shrimp, chicken, beef sautéed with fresh potato, water chestnut zucchini w/peanut in spicy Kung Pao Sauce)
    C3 $13.75
    (Fried jumbo shrimp sautéed with onion and chilies)
    C4 $13.75
    (Grilled salmon w/teriyaki sauce w/ broccoli, onion and carrots.)
    C5 $13.75
    (Tender shrimp scallops and fish fillet sauteed with assorted vegetables in chef special brown sauce.)
    C6 $13.75
    (Soft noodle pan fried. Topped with tender chicken, shrimp, beef w/ vegetables in brown sauce.)
    C7 $13.75
    (Chunks of the juiciest beef tenderloin with black pepper sauce top on green bean.)
    C8 $11.75
    (Shrimp, Chicken, Beef with fresh vegetables sauteed with special brown sauce.)
    C9 $10.95
    (Fried Pork Chop with green onion, jalapeno chili in salt & pepper.)
    C10 $13.50
    (Slice tender beef and scallops sauteed with broccoli. Snow peas, mushrooms, carrots and baby corn in brown sauce.)
    C11 $13.50
    (Shrimp with water chestnut, onion with spicy red sauce on top spinach.)
    (Crispy chicken or shrimp with spicy mandarin sauce.)
    C13 $10.95
      (Stir fried house special spicy sauce on top broccoli, cabbage, bean sprout.)  
    C14 $10.95
    (White meat chicken w/ onion, carrot, string bean and crispy eggplant in spicy brown sauce)
      * Hot & Spicy